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New Students Introduced to Professionalism Ideals by Father-Daughter Team

Because of its importance to their future careers, the College of Law has the custom of introducing its newest students to principles of professionalism and ethics on their first day of law school.  This year this session was led by the father and daughter team of Mr. Patrick Fischer and Ms. Kathleen “KC” Fischer.

Mr. Fischer, a partner of Keating, Muething, and Klekamp in Cincinnati, is an advisor and frequent speaker about issues of lawyer professionalism and ethics.  Having served in such leadership positions as president of the Cincinnati Bar Association and member of the Ohio Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism, Mr. Fischer concentrates his legal practice in the field of commercial litigation.   Despite having litigated matters in state and federal courts throughout the country, one of Mr. Fischer’s most outstanding achievements is being the proud father of KC.  A 3L student at the College of Law, KC has taken on a significant leadership role at the College this year.  As the Chair of the Honor Council, she has a keen interest in the character and ethics of all the students at the College.

In their presentation to the 1Ls during Orientation Week program, Ms. Fischer discussed the characteristics of a professional with the 1Ls.  Mr. Fischer presented Top 10 Practical Tips on How to Be a Professional, and the Reasons You Should Be One.  Through this engaging presentation, Mr. Fischer explained how being a professional will help students build life-long relationships with other lawyers, protect their reputations, allow them to contribute to the community and the profession, and help them be happy and healthy lawyers.