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Law School’s Oldest Alumnus Celebrates Milestone

Dean Bilionis and Ed Coyl met several years ago in CaliforniaEdward Coyle, UC Law’s oldest living alumnus, celebrates a milestone on September 27.  He will turn 105 years old! Now living in California, he fondly recalls life at the law school, speaking about his experience several years ago for the school’s anniversary memory project.

Coyle began his law career at the College of Law in 1927, graduating three years later in 1930—a mere 80 years ago. So, what was going on in the world when Coyle was in school and how were law school graduates faring? 

  • Herbert Hoover was the President of the United States and UC Law graduate Charles Dawes, Class of 1886, was the Vice President of the United States, serving until 1929.  
  • Nicholas Longworth IV, Class of 1894—for which the Longworth House Office Building in Washington D.C. is named—was Speaker of the House, serving from 1925-1929.
  • Former U.S. President William Howard Taft, Class of 1880, was serving as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, until his death in March of 1930.  
  • Willis Van Devanter, Class of 1881, was serving as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, holding this office from 1911 to 1937.

Interesting Tidbits

  • U.S. population: 123,188,000 in 48 states
  • Cost of a gallon of gas: 10 cents
  • Cost of loaf of bread: 9 cents
  • Cost of a Pontiac Big Six car: $745