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Meet Group Vice President Lynn Marmer '86

Lynn MarmerLynn Marmer is a terrific example of the flexibility afforded by a law degree. Although she became an executive at Kroger after practicing law for several years, she still uses her law degree “every day and for everything.”

Marmer was born in Cincinnati in 1952 and has lived here her entire life. She received three degrees from the University of Cincinnati: a bachelor of science degree in education (1970); a master of community planning (1980); and a juris doctor degree. In what would be known as more of a non-traditional path, Marmer worked for about 13 years before attending law school. During that time, she held various positions, including that of public school teacher, union leader, nonprofit executive, and city planner, among many others.

Marmer was attracted to UC Law because its reputation as a prominent law school was growing. Although she was initially wait-listed, and struggled with the financial burden of law school, she ended up being editor-in-chief of the University of Cincinnati Law Review and the top female graduate in her class. During her summers, she worked at Strauss & Troy and Taft, Stettinius, & Hollister.

Following graduation, Marmer returned to Strauss & Troy as an associate. She later worked at Dinsmore and Shohl, first as an associate and later as a partner. In these positions she specialized in real estate and business law. Her experiences in these roles were very positive. “I loved being a partner in a large law firm,” she stated.

Marmer eventually joined the legal team at Kroger. She valued the opportunity to practice complex corporate law while learning about business and serving a single client. Six months after she started at Kroger, Marmer moved into her current position as group vice president for corporate affairs. While her job responsibilities are wide and varied, she commented that she focuses mainly on Kroger’s “reputation externally and communication internally.” Marmer is the first female officer of the company and she also serves on the executive management team. “I have been extremely fortunate to have a job with many challenges and opportunities,” she stated.

Although she does not practice law directly, Marmer stated that her legal education continues to help her throughout her career. “Law school shapes how you look at the world and what you bring to the business setting,” she stated. “I use my law school education every day and in everything.” Marmer also explained that law school, along with her experiences during her 13 years of practice, provided her with other important skills as well, including knowledge about how to think, how to see both sides, how to communicate persuasively—both orally and in writing, and to always be prepared.

Marmer has been married to Dr. Gene Beaupre, a professor at Xavier University, for 24 years. They have a 16-year-old daughter, Emily. In the limited free time she has, Marmer enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, going to the gym, reading, cooking for friends, singing in a choir, and gardening.

By Lindsay Mather '11