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Building Visual Summary


In the existing building, students spend most of their time at the law school on the 100 level. There are limited group study spaces, and spaces conducive to quiet study, and students are removed from both faculty and the administrative staff.


The new building will support students’ varied study and research needs, as well as foster a culture of engagement with College faculty and staff. It will locate active student spaces throughout the building, create a variety of environments, and leverage parallel related activities.



In the current building, faculty are primarily located on the 4th floor, which helps to foster collegiality and collaboration, but isolates them from law students, as well as the centers and clinics.

The new building will still configure the faculty as a cohesive group, so that the close collaboration among colleagues that is a hallmark of the College of Law will be supported. However, it also will create more access to faculty and strategically locate interaction spaces in the building.



The current building does not provide classrooms that are appropriately sized and configured for today’s legal education. The building makes inefficient use of space and does not lend itself to easy reconfiguration.

The new building will provide the right size and mix of spaces for legal instruction and incorporate technologies that anticipate the future. Classrooms will be strategically located near a variety of collaborative student research/work spaces and integrated with public interaction spaces. Classrooms will offer less formality and more mobility and flexibility.


Law Library

The Law Library in our current building is an isolated place, removed from the life of the law school and not easily accessible for students, faculty, or other library users.

Our new building will provide an integrated library to serve as a resource and service hub for the research needs of the College. Library spaces may be distributed throughout the law school to enhance use and relationships. The new building will preserve the need for quiet study and an inspirational space, while incorporating interaction and better access for its many users.


Centers, Institutes, and Clinics

The new building will create an accessible energetic hub of specialized and collaborative learning space. There will be faculty located within the clinics and centers and client access confidentiality will be supported.



Our current building does not provide the space or resource requirements necessary to host the number and variety of law school events. The new building will incorporate a variety of space types, leverage multi-use functions, and incorporate the appropriate storage and support facilities for effective use.