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Continuing Legal Education

CLE opportunities are available throughout the year at the College. Please check the list of scheduled events below or contact the CLE Administrator in the Dean's Office, 513.556.0063. This list is continually being updated. Please check back periodically for the most updated list.

9/15/14Actor’s Directions for Award Winning Trial Performance Part 1 of 4: Opening on the Trial Stage: First Moments, Monologues, Movements, & Material Matters(3.0 hrs. G) * #
9/22/14Actor’s Directions for Award Winning Trial Performance  Part 2 of 4: Direction on Direct: Plotting Story, Character Development & Jury Judgment(3.0 hrs. G) * #
9/29/14Actor’s Directions for Award Winning Trial Performance Part 3 of 4: On Cross Examination: Control, Command, and Convey, The Lawyer-As-Actor’s Ethical Limits(3.0 hrs. G + 1.0 hr. P) * #
10/6/14Actor’s Directions for Award Winning Trial Performance Part 4 of 4: Closing Drama: Final Plot, Presence, & Persuasion(3.0 hrs. G) * #
9/17/14Constitution Day: The American Constitution in a Changing America(1.0 hr. G) * #
10/1/14Weaver Lecture: The Anatomy of Violence: The Biological Roots of Crime(2.0 hrs. G) * #
10/3/14Private Violence(5.5 hrs. G) @ OH & KY
10/28/14Wm. H. Taft Lecture on Constitutional Law
Federalism as a Constitutional Principle
(1.0 hr. G) @ OH & KY
3/3/15Robert S. Marx Lecture by Jill E. Fisch, University of Pennsylvania Law SchoolTBD

Credit: G = General | P = Professional Conduct | SA = Substance abuse
* = Approved for OH | # = Approved for KY | @ = Application made/approval expected