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Cornerstones Campaign - A Message from Our Co-Chairs

Doloris F. Learmonth and James B. HelmerTo our fellow alumni and friends of the University of Cincinnati College of Law:

We are pleased and privileged to write to you as the co-chairs of the Cornerstones Campaign for the College of Law. We arrived at this proud destination by very different paths. One of us grew up on a small South Carolina farm, and--having had the incomparable benefit of a scholarship to the University of Cincinnati--confirmed that there was more to life than picking cotton and tobacco in 100-degree heat. The other, having traveled the country for Procter & Gamble for four years, went into teaching, and--while taking Catholic high school girls on field trips to the Hamilton County Courthouse--began wondering how a woman like herself might succeed in this fascinating field of "law."

But despite our very different backgrounds, we have a lot in common. Before law school, we both loved and studied history. We were the first in our families to pursue law degrees. At the College of Law, although three years apart, we both encountered the formidable Professor Wilbur Lester, who challenged us, terrified us, and--ultimately--inspired us. And while we didn't realize it at the time, we both learned a great deal about thinking rigorously and solving problems systematically: in other words, thinking like lawyers.

Today, we are committed to helping the school that so helped us. We understand that our College of Law can continue its impressive ascent into the upper ranks of American legal education only if it is able to keep making judicious investments in its campus, faculty, and students. The case for those investments is detailed on the Cornerstones Campaign web pages. We think it is a powerful and compelling one.

Proudly Cincinnati, the larger University campaign of which this campaign is a part, highlights the bold, strong, and ambitious character of the University of Cincinnati today. Those qualities surely apply to the College of Law- and again, you'll find the best evidence here on our website.

Please join us, the College of Law's Campaign Committee, our Board of Visitors, and our Law Alumni Association in supporting this important campaign. Together, we can put the cornerstones in place to secure the brightest future for one of the nation's most outstanding law schools: our College of Law.

James B. Helmer, Jr. '75                                                              Doloris F. Learmonth '78
Senior Partner and President                                                      Partner
Helmer, Martins, Rice & Popham Co., LPA                                   Peck Shaffer & Williams LLP