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University of Cincinnati Awards

William J. Keating, Sr. '50

Many UC College of Law alumni have received awards from the University of Cincinnati.

The William Howard Taft Medal Award

This award is given to an alumnus of the University of Cincinnati solely on the basis of notable achievement in his or her field. The Taft Medal differs from the Alumni Distinguished Service Award in that it is not restricted to service to the university. The award is in honor and memory of William Howard Taft, 27th president and 10th Chief Justice of the United States, as well as a Dean and 1880 graduate of the UC law school.

  • Dr. William J. Keating B.B.A. /J.D. '50
The Jeffrey Hurwitz Young Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award

This award is given to a UC graduate, 35 years of age or younger, on the basis of significant professional achievement in his or her field of endeavor, and continued service and involvement with the university and community. This award is in honor and memory of Jeffrey Hurwitz, BBA ’72, MBA ’73, former president of the UC Alumni Association.

  • Rob Richardson '05
Alumni Distinguished Service Award

Dedicated alumni who, through their service, make an outstanding contribution to their university are usually over-modest, always unpaid, and unthinking of reward. Nonetheless, recognition is important, for an action that begins by aiding the advancement of a university ends in the improvements of the social structure in which we live. The UC Alumni Association issues the Alumni Distinguished Service Awards to provide that recognition for those who have faithfully rendered outstanding service to the University of Cincinnati.

  • Daniel M. Bennie '73
  • Frederick H. Braun '56
  • Bill Keating, Jr. '79
  • Hon. Beth A. Myers '82
  • Alton E. Purcell '27
  • Dr. John L. Strubbe '48
  • Stephen G. Thompson '83
  • Wilbert L. Ziegler '56

Outstanding Alumni Award

This award is presented by the UC Alumni Association and the UC colleges to an alumnus who has demonstrated significant professional achievement and a strong commitment to the college through continued involvement and service.

  • James B. Helmer, Jr. ‘75
University of Cincinnati Award of Excellence

This award honors a significant contribution to the mission and the stature of the University as a result of an individual's efforts in their fields of endeavor.

  • Richard T. Dugan '61
  • Adele L. Goldstein '37
  • Bruce Petrie '50
  • Charles Sawyer '11
  • Milton J. Schloss, Sr. '37
University of Cincinnati Honorary Degree

The Honorary Degree provides appropriate recognition by the University for attainment of extraordinary distinction, and serves to exemplify the highest purposes and ideals of the University in its recipients. The Honorary Degree represents the highest award given by the University of Cincinnati.

NameUC Law Grad YearHonorary DegreeYear
Helen Elise Austin1930L.H.D.1969
Michael R. Barrett1977D. Humane Letters2002
Alfred B. Benedict1880LL.D.1917
Theodore Moody Berry1931LL.D.1968
Daniel P. Carmichael1968Doctor of Laws2006
Stanley M. Chesley1960D. Humane Letters1993
Chase Mason Davies1924LL.D.1959
Robert Henry Day1891LL.D.1933
Frank F. Dinsmore1891LL.D.1948
William I. Grubb1885LL.D.1933
John H. Hermainis1948Doctor of Laws1992
William J. Keating1950LL.D.1975
William J. Keating, Jr.1979L.H.D.2001
John W. Keefe1939LL.D.1984
Joseph P. Kinneary1933LL.D.1991
Robert W. Manss1933LL.D.1968
Carrington T. Marshall1892LL.D.1925
William R. Martin1976D. Laws2014
Louis Nippert1928Ll.D.1971
John Weld Peck1938LL.D.1965
Robert C. Pugh1878LL.D.1921
William Shaw Richardson1943LL.D.1967
Carl B. Rubin1944D. Laws1988
Charles Sawyer1911LL.D.1950
Milton J. Schloss, Sr.1937D. Com. Science1995
Will P. Stevenson1895LL.D.1933
Robert A. Taft II1976LL.D.2000
William Howard Taft1880LL.D.1925
Willis Van Devanter1881LL.D.1927
Paul Charles Weick1920LL.D.1965
David White1876D. Sc.1923