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Thomas Coz '79 becomes the Dioces's first Safe Environmental Coordinator for Children

CINCINNATI - The Archdiocese of Cincinnati created a new program for safety of children. Cincinnati Attorney Thomas Coz will be the Diocese's first Safe Environment Coordinator for Children. Coz will oversee policies, procedures, and recommendations to protect children. He will be working with 214 parishes and 113 schools in Cincinnati's Archdiocese to assure adherence to the Decree on Children Protection. "In my prior positions, I have had many opportunities to assist clients in establishing and implementing policies and procedures," Coz said. Coz is a graduate of Xavier University and the University of Cincinnati College of Law.  Prior to joining the Archdiocese, Coz worked for various law firms and corporations.  He owned his own law firm and taught children at the grade school, high school, and university level. Coz has more than 30 years of experience. (Read more)