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Our Diversity Statement

Our Philosophy
We are a community that draws its vibrancy from members—faculty, staff and students—diverse in background, perspective and point of view; and will strive to be a community in which all members are accountable for fostering critical discourse, engaging in meaningful interactions and contributing to the strength that flows from a diversity of thought and people for the benefit our College, our community and our profession.

“Diversity not only shapes our perceptions, it also guides us in the relationships that we form.”  Kurt

Our Program
Through our comprehensive curricula and experiential learning opportunities, we strive to meet the diverse learning needs and interests of our students. Our commitment to diversity is reinforced through our journals, classroom discussions and symposia. We value learning that occurs both inside and outside of the classroom. Our goal is to create an environment where divergent views and diverse members of our community are valued.

  • We honor the diverse interests of our students by providing engaging doctrinal instruction and a variety of clinical and other experiential opportunities.
  • Social and professional interests are furthered by activities that promote inclusive leadership and professional development through public service.
  • Public service opportunities—landlord tenant/VITA—other public interest services provided by students.
  • We foster the diversity of student interests and styles by offerings that combine doctrine with practice.

"We nurture diversity of perspective so that those who will be allowed to interpret the law, do so with awareness, compassion, and humility."  Peter

Our Place
Our community provides a safe environment where all are able to explore, engage and be empowered without physical limitations.Those traditionally under-represented and marginalized in the law community are welcome in this safe environment.

  • Building. We are committed to making our building accessible and secure for all.
  • Classroom. Divergent views foster critical discourse. We promote and welcome respectful discussion.
  • Library. The Marx Law Library provides an atmosphere where all students are welcome and where diverse interests may be explored.

"I was pleasantly surprised, that despite the small size of UC Law’s student body, there were a number of minority students in my first year class. " Zoraida

Our People
Diversity ought to be woven into the academic life and purpose of the institution: valued by faculty, expressed through curriculum, sustained and nourished through cultural expression and extracurricular life ... (Ford Foundation letter, 1990) From the Dean's office to Student Groups, we value our differences and learn from each other.

  • Faculty. We recruit, retain, and develop a faculty from diverse backgrounds, perspectives, scholarly interests, and teaching styles.
  • Staff. We value the diversity of our staff. Our staff is committed to providing both the atmosphere and services that that all members of our community need to thrive.
  • Students. We strive to attract an academically strong, talented and diverse student body, by providing a well-rounded, affordable legal education.